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Creativity -From The Daily Word, Monday, January 03, 2011
I design my life in cooperation with the Divine.

What do I truly love to do? What makes my spirit soar? Maybe it’s dancing, singing or playing the guitar. Perhaps it’s drawing, painting or woodworking. Whatever the activity, I set the intention to add it to my daily or weekly routine.

Creative expression lifts my spirit and energizes my life. As I allow my creativity to shine, I have a renewed zest for life. My mind and body are recharged and fully engaged as I tune in to the creative power of Spirit. I let this power radiate through me in new ways.

I enjoy rich and abundant living as I open to the continual flow of divine ideas that spring forth from within me.

As I read the above passage this morning it truly felt like divine reassurance.  After all, I have spent this New Year’s weekend focused on creating art and creating opportunities for others to create more art in their lives.  It has been an exciting process to detail the artist retreat and to put together videos for the workshop.

What are you creating this year?  I’d love to have you join me online or in person to create a beautiful 2011 together!!!

Begin the New Year by taking some time for personal reflection.  Through this online course you will use your journal as a place for personal discovery.  With guided prompts I will lead you on a journey that will help you clarify what you really want for yourself in 2011.  Learn more…

Join me for this renewing, weekend artist retreat! Held at the Bend of Ivy Lodge just outside of Asheville, NC. A mountain retreat set on 63 acres, with panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, hiking trails, labyrinth, The Bend of Ivy River, landscaped grounds, gazebo and pond. Inspirational workshops instructed by Jeniffer Hutchins.  Learn more…

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