Creating Love featuring Dana Preshous


In this first month of the new year we have been sharing our visions.  Through the power of intention we are creating our lives.  I am grateful for the artists, friends, family and numerous creative souls who have come together to share our intentions and our dreams with one another.  

My friend, Dana Preshous has offered to share with you a webinar video.  In this video she directly addresses your own power to create your world.  Through Dana’s channeled session with Ascended Light Beings, we are gently reminded to release fear and embrace love.  This is the perfect accompaniment to creative visioning work.  In her inspiring words, “There is no limit to your own power.”

To watch the webinar on Youtube, please click here.  

Dana PreshousDana Preshous is a Psychic & Medium, a Reiki Master, a teacher and a public speaker.  She also happens to be a fabulous jewelry artist!  

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