Cleansing Rain

I woke to a dark and rainy morning on my third day of travel.  Setting out early, I blessed the rain for it’s cleansing capabilities.  As the sun rose the clouds started to part and the sky was transformed.  Throughout the day, the skyscape changed.  There were moments of grey rains in Illinois, speckled blue peeking through parting white clouds, deep purple clouds over golden Missouri fields and finally clear blue sky as I reached my destination.

Sunrise after the rain. Illinois.

St Louis, Missouri

Freight Train

Fall foliage exploding with color in Missouri.

Missouri Sky

I felt my own thoughts and mood transforming just as easily as the sky.  They morphed from wonder, to anticipation, to sheer joy.  I am so grateful for the first portion of this journey, the travel here.  I am ready now for the inward journey I am sure to experience here at Unity Village.

May the rains bring cleansing in your life too.  May you live this day with a renewed sense of your own inner light shining brightly on the world.

Love & Blessings,

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