Birds In the Studio

"Blackbirds" 6"x6" acrylic.  SOLD.
“Blackbirds” 6″x6″ acrylic. SOLD.

"Surrender" 6"x6" acrylic. SOLD.
“Surrender” 6″x6″ acrylic. SOLD.

"Blue Bird" 6"x6" acrylic.  SOLD.
“Blue Bird” 6″x6″ acrylic. SOLD.

I spent all day Tuesday in the studio.  These magical little birds fluttered onto the canvases.  The completed canvases flew quickly off to new homes.

It is amazing how quickly time also seems to fly when I paint.  Mind, body and soul become completely engaged in the act of creation.  My brushes finally reentered their tin at 9:30 pm.   I spent 12 hours connected fully to myself.  Today I am going back; back to the studio, back to myself.

May you too find your passion and pursue it today.

In Love & Blessings,



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