Being In The Flow


Artists often talk about being “in the flow.”  For me, this expression refers to being so engrossed in creative expression that all other things seem to drop away.  It is sinking into that experience of stillness, even while in motion.  Being in the flow is being immersed fully in the present moment.  From this space the process of art making overrides all other thoughts.  It is a tapping into the heart of the Creative Spirit within.  The art then flows from the artist to the page.  

In creating visual journal pages, I often feel “in the flow.”  I equate it with a meditative experience.  As I move layers of materials around on the page, I allow my mind to still.  I am able to tap into my center.  From there I often hear answers to questions I posed on the page, hidden under layers of paint.  It may come as a feeling of peace, knowing all is well.  It might be a call to action or an inner nudge towards an idea.  

This particular journal page was made with layers of collage material covered in thick craft paint.  The paint was poured directly onto the page and then worked in with a variety of materials including a plastic fork and my own fingers.  For me, there is something comforting in swooshing paint around with my fingers and getting quite messy in the process.

What ways do you practice creative stillness?  Cultivating stillness through creativity can come in many ways.  You could do free association writing, color a mandala, splatter paint on a canvas or practice chanting.  

Love & Blessings on your creative journey!


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