New Beginnings


“One of the greatest things about embarking on a new path in your personal journey is that you can always start where ever you are. Right now in this present moment you can make the decision to go deeper, to travel further down that path.  

All you need to do  is to be open and receptive… and be willing to change. It is change that leads to personal growth. It is change that takes us further down the path of self awareness and spiritual understanding.

Change doesn’t have to be big or drastic to have an effect. In fact every little change is like taking another step. It could be a change in thought, a shift of perspective, adding or taking away one element in your daily routine. Perhaps you have been considering taking a new class or attending a weekend retreat. These are great ways to invite new experiences into your life.

Without change we do not grow.

Change can be scary, there are a lot of unknown answers and uncharted paths out there. That is why we are here together. We can continually remind each other of the joy, health and peace that await us on our journey.

In each moment of our lives we get to choose the life we wish to create. We get to begin again by making one tiny little step at a time towards our calling, our passion, our highest self within.

I invite you right now in this moment to travel with me. Let’s take one step forward and let the next one appear.

Love & blessings on your journey,



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