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I am fairly new to the concept of blogging. So far I am enjoying being able to share creative thoughts and ideas with the blog reading world. It made me wonder what other thoughts are being shared, what bits of inspiration can I gleam from other artists. In doing some online browsing I have found an incredible online blogging community. There are a couple I just came across this evening that are doing wonderful things to help connect the online community of artists. So if you have a passion for the inner thoughts of creative people check out these sites and their links to other inspirational artists.

Lovey at Fabric Photo Memories is hosting “Beautiful Eye Candy & Artist Encouragement.” Several artists, including myself, have linked up with Lovey to showcase their blogs.

My Dessert Cottage is hosting an online Party June 19th, 2010 featuring the creative spaces of hundreds of registered artists. I’ve signed up to participate so be sure to check back on the 19th!

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