Paintings by Artist Jeniffer Hutchins

Original artwork inspired by a love of nature and quiet moments of reflection. Jeniffer Hutchins captures onto the canvas intimate moments that invite peace and connection. Explore the galleries below.

Welcome to my CREATIVE World!

Hi, I’m Jeniffer Hutchins and creative living is my passion. On these pages you will find examples of my PAINTINGS – oils, acrylics and watercolors. All of these have been directly INSPIRED by moments in my life that have touched me in some way. Watching the sunset over a field, seeing shapes in puffy white clouds, or hiking in nature may lead to my next COLOR explosion on canvas.

In addition to painting I enjoy art journaling, nature photography, gardening and baking. I see myself as a LIFE artist.

It is my JOY to teach and inspire others along their creative path!

“Jeniffer Hutchins is a magical maven of artistic mischief who has a unique way of bringing forth the creativity that often gets buried in everyday life.”

Dr. Rima Bonario

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